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Deborah, ITS NOVERMBER 3O,2010.....1 YEAR!!!!!!!!! THANKYOU FOR COMING INTO MY WORLD A YEAR AGO!!!! I have Thanked GOD for you every day since...I thanked Kel this morning for giving me back my life being smoke free....and taking me to meet you...I cant believe the year we have had, and I did it all smoke free...its GREAT!!!!! The past year has been filled with challenges and I have managed to go through all of these things without smoking....because of YOU and GOD and ME not wanting too anymore....I hope you have a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas....and I wish you only good things to come your way....Thank You again....for being you, and coming into my world....God Bless Sheila

Fri, Aug 3, 2012  

Hi Debbie,

I know I just wrote you and you know how I feel like Im bugging you all the time but I just got the best email from Shirley and I had to tell you, Im so excited !! she said she totally lost her craving for chocolate and she was having it just about every day and that alone is a huge thing but she said pizza no longer interests her and we talked about pizza on the way up and back and I know she has a weakness for it. she even said she has been making root beer floats for the grandkids and didnt even want to take a taste. and she can feel relief in her knees and hasnt had any sugar since saturday, she said all she can say is WOW and now she knows how I feel ..... you give people hope who dont have any, when you are in the middle of all the cravings and all that can be so strong, you know what Im talking about , it just makes me so happy to know that she is doing so great and it is thanks to you, if we had somehow found hypnosis thru some other person who is to say they would be as effective as you are and there is no way that we would be that comfortable with someone else, you are so special and talented and I think its because you sincerely care about people and want to help them that makes the huge difference , my heart is so happy I just dont know what to do !! Carol

You helped me so much to get thru the scary year with the multiple surgeries and breast cancer treatments. As far as I can tell I am the only patient that did not have a difficult time with the painful injections prior to sterotatic node biopsy. I believe it was due to the hypnotism.

Combine anything I have written to you as it came from the heart. I hope you will continue to help others as you helped me. Jan Longworth-Chelsea

HI Deborah,

I just wanted to touch base with you, and let you know that both
Kelly and I are doing really good....WE ARE NOT SMOKING!!!!!
Have NOT smoked since before we walked into your office on
Nov. 30th...and we have both lost weight, even over the holidays...
I have to tell you how Wonderful it feels to not be chained to smoke
going up in the air, and not to have to worry if there are enough of
em for the nite...I have told ppl about you, and how much you helped
Kel and me....
Thank you so much for all your help, and making us believe...its so
Wonderful to be smoke free....I have been washing walls, ceilings,
all of our clothes, the furniture, everything.

Hope you had a Wonderful Holiday, and a Great New Year!

If you want to put it on the web site, its ok with me...
We are still doing great....7 weeks and still going...
Kel just went shopping for new clothes this weekend,
and came home smiling, and with smaller clothes...
Its a very GOOD THING!!!! Thank You again...


(January 2010)

Hi Deborah,

Remember me? You asked me to let you know how I'm doing. Well, although I'm still a bit skeptical, It has been 74 days and I haven't touched my nails since. A couple broken ones, but even those are growing back. I have been in all situations where nail biting is normally stronger than I am and I have successfully been able to fight it. You have also inspired me to make an appointment to see a regular therapist. I have my first visit next week. Thanks!

I do believe it's successful because of the fact when/if I attempt to pick at them, I consciously (or subconsciously, not sure)....think about my visit with you and this has stopped me from doing it. Regardless of how or why, They look GREAT! Thank you so much.

I will be sure to keep you in mind for any other Hypnotherapy I or anyone else I know may need.Thank you again. You really helped me in more ways than one.


Debbie Bruening has been a fantastic asset to my life and business. Before meeting her, I was in a not-so-good relationship with my husband, as well as, lacking confidence in working with certain forms of dis-ease. Working with Debbie has helped me repair emotionally and I was able to repair my relationship with my husband. Because of my regained confidence in my abilities as a coach, I’m now thriving in a steady success coaching practice in which I am very grateful to be able to positively impact other people’s lives. I know I can honestly say that Debbie has helped me take my life to a better level of achievement, as well as, helped me recognize more compassion than I knew that I originally had.

Amy Hale

Changing Lanes

Hi Deborah,

Thank you for sending me the tape. I played it every day and night before we left for our trip to Mexico and I was relaxed and had a very pleasant trip. If I had not had the tape, I would have worried about the trip every day before we left and the process it takes to get on the plane. Then, I would have been anxious when we took-off and also every little bump that I felt. I also would have worried about the return trip and the weather the whole time I was in Mexico. Instead, I was relaxed and had a snack, even took a little nap and was completely surprised that it turned out to be a very pleasant trip there and back.

My sister, who travels all the time, has asked me to go with her and my brother-in-law to Germany this fall. She has asked many times before, and I would not even consider going, but now I think I will use my tape some time before leaving so that I will be able to be a relaxed passenger.

Thank you so very much for sending me your tape.

Rose Marie Duff

I just wanted to write you to once again to say thank you for all your help the other day. I am grateful for the time you spent with me helping me with my pill problem.
This morning I got up like any other day, started my coffee, got my son up for school, took the dogs out and packed lunches. I thought about the vitamins I have to take but never do so I went to the cabinet, got them out and laid them on the counter. I went about my morning telling myself I can do it, it isn't going to choke me, I can overcome this. After I calmed myself down and reminded myself I was going to be fine, I went over and took a pill. I was so happy when it went down without a problem. I took all of vitamins within a couple of minutes, I have never done that! :o)
I can't even tell you how good it made it me feel this morning to finally be able to swallow pills. I have been waiting 20+ years for this day and because of you it is finally here.
Thank you again for what you have done.

The session was awesome! It feels like a huge weight is lifted off of me. Now when people do things that hurt my "feelers" I automatically forgive them and then not think about it again. Actually when I remember back about whoever I was mad at, the remembrance is really blurry and doesn't even affect me anymore...this stuff works! Of course use it! It was an awesome experience and I recommend everyone to do it! I can't tell you how much lighter I feel, it is wonderful and guess what......I am losing weight and it's not a problem, somehow I am very much at peace....this works!!!!!

S. K. Pinckney

I want to thank you very much for your Hypno-Help. I feel like a whole person again. I'm no longer searching for the parts of me I left behind.V. C. Westland


I have fingernails for the first time in my life!! D.B. Stockbridge


Hi Deborah...

Just wanted to follow up and let you know that I am still free and clear of Mt. Dew!! At first I found myself thinking of it quite often. However as time goes by I think of it less and less. I have absolutely no desire to have it. Thank you so much for your help. I will tell you the I honestly wasn't sure if it would work. I know I really wanted it to but there is still the skeptic in me that says "can this be for real". Well it really does work!

Thanks again.


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