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 Stop Smoking: The most important thing to know about stopping smoking is that you have to WANT TO QUIT. I am sorry to say, I do not have a magic wand and I cannot go against your free will. On the other hand, if you want to quit and just can't seem to do it on your own, this program has helped thousands of people to quit smoking easily without any withdrawal symptoms. I help you to break the “triggers” associated with smoking as well as the nicotine addiction. Stress management processes are incorporated to address the stressors associated with smoking. Hypnosis is the safe, healthy and natural way to kick the smoking habit for good.*** Look under "Articles of Interest" for the guidelines if you want to try one session. If you are not willing to change to a brand you do not like,and follow the guidelines for at least one week, you are probably not ready to stop smoking.

Control Stress: In today’s busy world many people are on overload and overwhelm. Stress is a byproduct of today’s lifestyle and can contribute to weight gain, hypertension, and illness. You may not be able to change the cause of stress, however you can change the way you react to it. Learn some powerful, quick and easy processes to help you cope with the stressors in your life.

Sports Hypnosis: Through hypnosis powerful suggestions are given to encourage mind/muscle memory coordination that attracts successful outcomes. Clients learn Self Hypnosis to update their imagery and create successful outcomes.

Accelerated Learning: This program prepares the Sub-Conscious mind to accept and promote suggestions for easy learning, test taking, memory and recall.

Learn Weight and Shape Management: Hypnosis will not take away your free will, but if you are willing to put in some effort, hypnosis will definately make it easier to reshape your body. This program helps people establish a healthy lifestyle that includes good eating habits, comfortable exercise and stress management techniques. Release that excess weight and reshape your body.

Control Pain: Through this program the patient learns self-hypnosis and hypno-anesthesia to alleviate pain and discomfort. There are many processes that are easy to learn in a three to six session format.

Be Comfortable During M.R.I. Procedures: Some people get claustrophobic and feel closed in during these types of procedures. Through Self Hypnosis you can imagine yourself anywhere else you would rather be. Time distortion is used to help people with lengthy procedures.

Feel Comfortable About Blood Work: When people are tense their blood vessels constrict (vasoconstriction) and it is nearly impossible for the technician to find a good vein for an IV or to draw blood. When a person relaxes, vasodilatation occurs allowing for better blood flow and more oxygen and more visible veins to insert an IV or draw blood. Hypnotherapy makes a world of difference.

Minimize and/or Alleviate Side Effects Of Chemotherapy and Radiation: Hypnotherapy can help decrease or eliminate side effects of both Chemo and Radiation therapy. It can also alleviate and decrease soreness in the mouth and improve comfort. Hypnosis can help patients to relieve discomfort through self hypnosis and by learning various processes to create hypno-anesthesia

Be Comfortable Before and After Surgery and Accelerate the Healing Process: Hypnotherapy is used to alleviate anxiety, increase confidence and promote comfort and well-being. It helps the patient to accelerate recuperation.

Alleviate Fears and Phobias: Learn to let go of traumatic experiences and start enjoying parts of life that have been out of your reach. Hypnotherapeutic techniques are employed to release and resolve negative behaviors and establish healthy ways of being. Hypnosis is helpful for Fear of Flying, Driving, Public Speaking, Animals, Agoraphobia, etc.

Improve Self Esteem: Healthy self-esteem is an important aspect that involves all area of life. Our program helps people build and maintain self-confidence and high self esteem

 Forgiveness is a Gift you give to Yourself This statement is so true. So many people are carrying so much "baggage" on their shoulders. They don't even realize that they haven't let go of so many things in the past. Michelle's' technique is very powerful and , if you are willing to "do the work" I will help you with hypnosis to let those long forgotten "vendettas" dissolve so that you can use that energy in a more productive way. There are several doctors, and authorities who now state that forgiveness is the key to healing.

Change Unwanted Behaviors: Nail biting, hair twisting and pulling as well as many other behavioral changes can be accomplished through the use of hypnosis.

     Insomnia, Test Anxiety, Nail Biting, Phobias--And the list goes on

The Sky is the Limit with Hypnosis

*Stop Smoking* *Weight Loss* *Pre-Surgery* *Sports Hypnosis* *Well Being* *Accelerated Learning* *Dental Hypnosis * *Test Anxiety * * Public Speaking* *Inner Child Healing* *Regression Therapy* *Fears and Phobias* *Personal Motivation* *Imagery of Wellness* *Pain Management* *Procrastination* *Relationships* * Insomnia*  and much, much more!

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