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For the past 20 years, I have been on a quest to help people to heal themselves. I've read countless books on the subject of the minds’ ability to heal the body and attended lectures. I completed a course in Spiritual Healing and learned “The King Technique” from England’s’ Richard Lawrence, author of The Magic of Healing. I have also studied The Course In Miracles for 20 years and have found it to very beneficial in my quest for empowering people to heal themselves. I have had many experiences that have proved to me how powerful peoples thoughts are, especially when it comes to our ability to heal ourselves.

“Whatever the Mind Agrees with, the Body Responds to, and it cannot not Respond” and that sums it up. In hypnosis, I help my clients to reprogram their subconscious program to agree with their conscious goals. I have found hypnosis to be a very powerful tool to assist my clients to help themselves, thereby creating their own “MIRACLES,” (so to speak). I coach my clients to to achieve any goal that they desire, resulting in their own personal empowerment.

I have assisted my clients in many areas including Stopping Smoking, Stopping Nail Biting, Passing Exams, Weight Loss, Sleeping Better, and Less Pain during otherwise painful medical procedures. I am also a Reiki Master and I have found that adding “Remote Reiki” to a hypnosis session (with the clients’ permission) can be extremely powerful. My mission statement is Empowering People to Heal Themselves with the Power of Their Subconscious Mind, Thereby Creating their Own Miracles.

I am available for lectures, classes and guest appearances as well private hypnosis sessions. I offer Free Phone Consultation regarding my services.

Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group 

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Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group

Hypnotic Haven is a perfect description of the location of my office--surrounded by nature and on a beautiful lake--Feel the relaxation--Just BEING surrounded by nature!


Deborah Bruening-- Certified Medical Hypnotherapist
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